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Solutions Tailored to Your Farm

Whatever Solution you are looking for at your Farm, we can help. The owner of Harris Industries grew up Dairy Farming, We understand the needs of Farmers across ontario with limited budgets and increasing needs. 

Our Services


Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems provide Protection against Intrusion, Environmental (Heat, Freeze, Flood) and Emergencies (Fire, Smoke, Carbon Monoxide) 

Whether you are looking to protect your tools or your livestock we have solutions to meet your needs.


Security Cameras

Security Cameras Can be utilized to protect your property or watch over livestock. 

Whether you want dedicated calving pens on video to alert you of what is happening or simple theft deterrence we can build a solution that works for you. 


Internet Services

Whether you are looking to get wifi into the barn, or looking to power new robots for your livestock we can provide affordable solutions. 

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