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Harris Industries is looking at Bringing Wireless Internet to the home to the Omemee Area. Our Current Surveys will allow for Internet to be Available From Omemee to Fowlers Corners, To Downeyville up to Bobcayeon. 

This will be a New Service Offered By Harris Industries - to be live by June 2022. Our Tower Can Support 250 Customers at this Given Time, with Expansion Modules available at 48 Customers at a time. 

Our pricing looks to be falling in the range of 

Installation: $125.00 

Wifi Router Rental: $14.99/ Month

10 MBPS Download Speed - $69.99 / Month

25 MBPS Download Speed- $89.99 / Month

50 MBPS Download Speed - $109.99 / Month

What is a WISP and How Does it Work? 

A WISP or Wireless Internet Service Provider offers Internet to Rural properties using Point to Point Equipment. This is referred to as many different services including Point to Point, Wireless to the Home, Line of Sight etc. There is equipment located on a local tower that communicates with equipment located on the customers house which provides services that traditionally don't have Internet services through wired solutions. As this service is a line of sight service, Best results will include a clear consistent view of the towers; which can be up to 25 KM away. Terrain, trees and environmental concerns will impact the speeds that the service operates.