Scalable standalone Security Cameras

Solutions Built for Your Needs and Budgets

Harris Industries understands the need to protect your most valuable assets while staying within your budget. We also understand that no two Security System requirements are the same. We specialize in the the Design, Installation and Service of all CCTV systems including IP Systems, Hybrid systems, and Analog Systems. 

Whether you require 1 Camera or over 200 cameras across multiple sites; we have you covered; call us today. 

Value Add Services

Lease to Own Systems: Looking to get coverage for your business while spreading out the cost, having service covered all in one affordable bill? Harris Industries offers leasing for standalone CCTV systems for up to 8 Cameras on 3-5 Year Service Agreements. 
System upkeep: By keeping on top of repairs and maintenance you can extend the life of your security system by up to 5 years. By signing in with a Service agreement with Harris Industries we will attend the location on a pre determined arranged time frame (Monthly, Quarterly, Semi yearly); We will clean and inspect all cameras, providing business owners with an in depth inspection report.  Fixing small problems now, prevents failures later. 
24 Emergency Service:  Harris Industries specializes with Petroleum Dispensing locations (Gas Stations) and we understand the need to have Cameras and Pumps operational at all times. Harris Industries offers 24/7 Service to keep our Customers in service and earning money. 

Coming Soon

Mobile Security Trailer: Looking for a Remote or temporary Security Solution? Harris Industries is working on creating Mobile Security Trailers for Renting on Short Term Basis. Looking for coverage now? Give us a call and will work with you to get a Beta trailer to your site! 
Security Camera Remote Monitoring:  Harris Industries is working on creating a 24/7 remote Monitoring service for Security Cameras Across Canada. Our plans to have this service released for Fall of 2023.