Your Business Deserves to Be Protected

Not Every Business operates the same; But every Business has the same pain points. Within the Food and Hospitality industry we hear the same thing: "High staff turnover, High Risk, and Low Margins" 

With Harris Industries our Hospitality based Smart Alarm Package Includes The Following: 

- Alarm Panel (LTE Connection, no phone line required)

- Smart Lock 

- Smart Security App

- Video

- Temperature Monitoring

- Business Insights

Smart Control

With the Convenient App on your smart phone, Tablet and Computer; accessing your security system has never been easier.

You have the ability to: 

  • Add/ Delete Users with one touch of a button for the Door Locks and System (No more Keys) 

  • View Status of the System 

  • Automate Closing and Opening Routines

  • Combine Smart Thermostats and lighting to maximize energy savings

Business Insights

Have your Alarm System work for your Business with Business Insights: 

Open/ Close Reports: Be notified immediately via a Push notification and email if your business was opened late of closed early. 

Use Sensors to Learn: By using reports via Alarm Sensors within your business you can learn Peak times in your business as well as slow times. By Compiling this data with sales you can properly adjust staffing requirements to save you money.

Security Cameras

Security Cameras are have come along way since their creation. 

With Features Like People counting, remote viewing and analytics you can use your cameras to completely understand your business.