Restaurant Solutions 

Alarm Systems That Work For You

An Alarm System is an Integrated part of running any business. Whether you are getting the insurance discounts or just looking to protect yourself from unnecessary risk - it is common place to have a system to protect your business... but does your alarm system work for you? 

A Professional system installed by Harris Industries can be tailored to meet the needs of your business starting at $1.60 a day.

Protect What Matters to You: Using proper Temperature sensors you can monitor the temperature in your freezers and fridges. You can also be notified at preset temperatures when freezers or fridges fall outside of the desired range. A simple sensor that can protect you from an expensive loss. 


Employee Monitoring: Employees in the hospitality industry are a pain point for all Owners and Managers. Our System is here to help elevate some pain points that you may have. 


  1.  Integrate with a Smart Lock to get rid of the keys- Employee in high turnover environments become a disaster to manage and track keys. A smart lock from Harris Industries will allow employees to unlock using a 4 digit code unique to them. 

  2. Employee Management- We know that difficult systems end up Resulting in one Generic code that never get changed. With a Smart System from Harris Industries it takes 30 Seconds to add or remove an employee from the system from anywhere in the world. An employee is given a unique 4 digit code for the system and lock. If that employee leaves the company you can just click the delete button from the app and remove access for that employee. 

  3. Notifications- You can get push notifications direct to your device for your business. If the Business is not opened ontime or closes early you can know immediately no matter where you are. 

  4. Smart Cameras- Security Cameras do more than just allow you to peak in, with Smart Analytics you can have people counting, crowd gathering and smart triggers enabled to make your system really work for you.


IT Services for Restaurants 

Your Business Needs Support to Survive and thrive. Harris Industries has you covered in a one stop service provider. 

  1. Managed Wifi and Networking: Create A Seamless Wifi Network for your business to operate as it needs to all the time

  2. In House Audio - Looking for Some Speakers and Speaker Repair- we can help