• Nick Harris

Why Choose Harris Industries?

Harris Industries was Started in 2016 to provide Customers (Both Residential and Commercial) Affordable and Reliable Security Solutions. In An Industry that can help Customers, Save their Properties from Flooding, Fire and Break ins we love being able to properly help our customers. If your Security System isn't Saving you energy, Making your day to day life easier, or helping you manage and grow your business. You have an outdated system and need to work with us to move forward.

The Sales Process:

  1. You Contact Harris Industries Indicating you are interested in a Security System or Medical Alarm System (Or Hopefully Soon, Internet)

  2. Immediately you are assigned an Account Manager, This will be "Your Person" For the duration you are a Customer with us.

  3. The Account Manager will reach out to you, And come do an onsite visit. During this onsite visit the Account Manager will figure out Your needs, Your Budget, and will create a Custom Tailored Solution to fit perfectly for you.

  4. Upon Approval, Technicians will arrive within 5 Days to Install your new System. The Technician on site will give you training on your new system.

  5. 2 Days after Installation your Account Manager will contact you to do a follow up on the system, answer any questions and ensure you are setup for success moving forward.

  6. The Account Manager will be your point of contact and may reach out every so often to ensure 100% Satisfaction.

Technology Based Customer Service:

We understand that people absolutely hate spending time on the phone with Customer Service.... because we do too! Our Client Hub allows Customers to Request work, View and Approve Quotes, View and pay Invoices and view all other activity based on their property.

We Also understand the struggle of Service Appointment times with customers; We don't think you should take a day off work just to have a tech show up sometime during the day (Maybe). Because of this Harris Industries has extended our Days, and given 3 Time Slots During the day (Morning 9am-12, Afternoon 12pm-4pm and Evening 4pm-7pm). To Make it even easier, the Day before your appointment you will receive an email or text confirmation of the appointment (Where you can change or approve the appointment). Once a tech is assigned your job and en-route, the tech will use our software to alert you that we are on our way with an estimated ETA.

A Service We Stand Behind

Harris Industries Has focused our Services on Security Cameras, Alarm Systems and Medical Alarms because it is a Service that truly helps our Customers. The systems we design are created to stay within ULC Standards while staying within your budget. At no point are we going to suggest or quote items just to get the sale; Our Customers are not just a number. In one example, A New Customer of ours who was a Previous Telco (Phone Service Provider) Customer had a system for over 9 years... one day a person threw a brick through their glass door. It was then discovered that the "Security System" built by the provider didn't include any glass breaks, even though 90% of this customers retail location was glass. We want to be 100% honest with our Customers, If a specific sensor is out of budget for a customer we will try to work with them to get it included into the monthly pricing, or be 100% honest about why we are suggesting additional sensors. It is great that you have the Security system, but if it is not going to alert to someone breaking in, it doesn't make sense why even have a system at all.

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