• Nick Harris

Simplify Your Security with Harris Industries Powered by Alarm.com

Are you managing a busy home and a successful career at the same time? So is television host, author and real estate expert Egypt Sherrod, who recently discovered Alarm.com technology.

"I want to keep my family safe," Egypt says, "and I know that smart home tech can make life a little simpler too. But I'm not a security expert and I don't have time to do it all myself."

The solution: a new, professionally installed, fully customized smart home security system. Take a look.

So what's different about Alarm.com technology?

You can start small, or start with it all

"My guy told me we could start small and add more gadgets anytime, or start with a full package," says Egypt. "We landed on a video doorbell and a few other cameras, a door lock, garage control, some smart lights, a new thermostat and some sensors for our windows and doors."

You can manage your home from anywhere

"With the Alarm.com app, I can see when doors open and close, and I can lock or unlock the front door—even close the garage—from anywhere," Egypt says.

"I can also adjust the temperature and the lights from my phone, so there's no pressure to remember everything when I leave in the morning, and no coming home to a cold and dark house either."

You can rest easy with total protection

An Alarm.com-powered home isn't just smarter—it's safer too. Every system comes with professional monitoring included, which means that if there's a break-in or fire, you don't need to worry about dialing 911. Your monitoring service will take care of it for you.

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