• Nick Harris

Setting up EZ Station On Your PC

Congratulations on Your New Uniview Security Camera System! Now Lets Help You Get Setup for the PC Software to view Remotely.

First Step! Download the EZ Station App, Which Can Be Found Here. Follow the Instructions, UnZip the program and install it to your PC.

Now Lets Open The New App on your PC. It will ask for a username and Password. The Apps Username and Password by default is

Username: admin

Password: 12345

The First Screen You Will See is the Control Panel. Operating much like your computer browser, each time you open a new function a new window will open along the top.

Lets now add your ez cloud account:

  1. Click Device Management Page

  2. Click Device -> Cloud Device

  3. Enter Your Username and Password for Your Cloud Account (Your Tech should have helped you set this up to view on your phone during installation)

  4. Click Add Manage and Add your NVR To Your Account

Now on the Device List your NVR should be showing this.

Operating similar to the NVR and smartphone app; Liveview and playback should operate the same way.

Contact us if you have any questions!

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