• Nick Harris

Security cameras that do more for your business

What if your security cameras could do more than just capture footage? Our newest feature transforms your security cameras into powerful monitoring devices that help optimize your operations—saving you time, money, and frustration.

Business Activity Analytics allows you to create occupancy management rules to help you protect your business and better understand customer traffic patterns.

Make informed decisions to keep your customers and employees safe with:

Occupancy Tracking Determine total net occupancy at any given time with a multidirectional people counting system and get alerts when occupancy is too high.

People Counting Draw a tripwire anywhere within the property to count how many people cross that invisible line in one direction.

Heat Mapping Track and visualize where people spend the most time within an area during a specified date and time range. Pro Tip: Use heat maps to see where you have the most foot traffic and help boost profits by moving high-value products into those areas.

Crowd Gathering Monitor how many people are in a defined area at any given point and get alerts when too many people gather in one space.

Queue Monitoring Measure average customer wait time and get alerts if line length or average wait time exceeds preset limits.

Now more than ever, understanding how people move through your business is vital. Improve your security and your business operations using a single platform, with Business Activity Analytics from Alarm.com.

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