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Peterborough DBIA Security Camera Grant

The Peterborough Downtown Business Improvement Area is offering its members a chance to protect their assets while improving the safety of the downtown as a whole.

We are offering our members a grant to help cover the cost of purchasing and installing security cameras. The grant will cover 50% of the project cost up to a project total of $1,500 ($750 grant). In some cases, and as funds allow, we may fund more support if we feel the area needs more coverage based on the level of incidents and/or police recommendations or areas that are ‘blind’ in the downtown. Intersections are also a priority in some cases. This fund is available on a first come first serve basis and depends on fund availability as well as the DBIA Board of Management yearly approval of funding.

The purpose of this grant is to offer an alternative and cost-effective way to enhance the security of downtown with more cameras while also offering our members value in protecting their assets. We hope to dramatically increase the number of street-facing and alleyway cameras available to the police to help deter unwanted activity. A downtown map of all the camera locations are given to the Peterborough Police Service to aid in investigations.


  • The applicant must be a DBIA member. This grant is not available to associate members.

  • The property involved must have the ability to mount a camera outdoors on a ground floor.

  • The grant will include both the purchase and installation of a new security camera system or the enhancement of an existing system.

  • Limit of one grant per address (businesses with multiple properties may apply for each property).


  • At least one camera must be placed outdoors on a ground floor facing the street/sidewalk or the back alleyway, whichever is deemed more vital for the security of the business.

  • It is strongly encouraged that the security camera system in whole or in part (additions to existing system) be purchased from and installed by an approved DBIA member (see list below of approved DBIA members). We want to support each others businesses in the downtown.

This is not a requirement for the grant but is a preference of the DBIA.

  • The security system must meet a basic quality standard as established between the DBIA and security company.

  • The applicant will agree to maintain the security system for 5 years or for the remainder of their time operating at that address, whichever comes first*.

  • The applicant will provide Peterborough Police Service access to video footage from the outdoor camera upon request.

  • Written approval from both the property owner and the tenant must be supplied where applicable.

*Should a business move, close or be sold before 5 years, it is required that the security system or the additions (new cameras) be left in in place for the next owner/tenant.

Application Process:

  1. Obtain a quote from one of the approved DBIA members listed below or your preferred company regarding a security camera system or additions to an existing one that will meet the needs of your business and the requirements of the grant.

  2. Fill out the DBIA Security Camera Grant Application form.

  3. Submit the application with the quote attached. Either by email, mail or in person to the DBIA.

  4. You will be notified whether your application is approved.

  5. After you get the security camera system installed and show proof of full payment, you will receive a cheque for the grant portion of the costs from the DBIA.

Approved DBIA security camera installation companies:

Harris Industries

193 Simcoe St #4, Peterborough, ON K9H 2H6

Additional information:

  • If more applications are submitted than there is funding allotted for, the DBIA will be choosing the locations for approval based on what will offer the best camera coverage of downtown and target areas in need of street facing cameras.

  • Applicants will be expected to work out payment of the entire project with the security contractor. A cheque for the agreed upon grant allocation will be given directly to the applicant after the security camera system is installed and proof of payment in full has been shown. • The personal privacy of downtown residents is of the utmost importance and all security cameras will be installed in such a way that they thoroughly cover the public areas of the street and sidewalk without invading people’s private residences.

  • The addresses of the cameras will be recorded on a list and a map, which will be provided to the police. If you have an existing camera system that you would like added to the database, please contact the DBIA at 705-748-4774.

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