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Harris Industries is Leaving the SecurTek Authorized Dealer Program

Harris Industries is sad to say that we are leaving the SecurTek Authorized Dealer Program. Although this program has allowed us to provide affordable security services to our customers since 2018. We have given our to leave as of February 15 2023, we have expressed our Interest in Leaving on or Before May 1 2023. We will be completing all Open Service work that is open by the date provided by SecurTek.

The old team, former CEO Darrel Jones, Our former amazing Dealer Support Manager Jefferey Chasse and the awesome dealer support team have been a huge reason for our success to this date.

In the last 2 years SecurTek has started moving away from Customer Satisfaction and more driven towards profits and account numbers to compete with Bell and Telus Offerings.

As a Small Ontario Business, our goal is to perform a reliable and affordable solution to our customers. If we offer our customers a service, we expect it to be a service you can rely on. This means if we have offered you an extended warranty, your warranty should be simply covering your equipment that you have… no ifs, ands or buts about it. Once we have the impression a brand or service is not living up to the standards we hold for ourselves to our customers, it becomes time to cut the ties. We cannot continue to provide the service we strive to provide our customers knowing the parent company is only treating the accounts of our friends and family as numbers. We also cannot continue to perform work with 40% of tickets being unpaid or rejected from SecurTek, it is not conclusive of a businesses survivability.

We value each and every customer that has joined SecurTek through the Harris Industries channel, and we hope the dealer reassignments will provide you a reliable and professional service as you’ve come to expect. If you are unhappy with these decisions you can reach out to SecurTek Customer Care at 1-877-777-7591.

Harris Industries is still serving the Customers that are Wholesale with us and sorting Monitoring Station solutions out.

If for any reason you are having a hard time with SecurTek please reach out to myself, at

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