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Harris Industries Grows Again

I'm excited to share the growth that brings Harris Industries to the Next Level in business.

As many of you know Harris Industries has experienced rapid growth since its beginning in 2016. Harris Industries has quickly founds its position within the Commercial Security Market providing quality service to Small, Medium and Large clients throughout Ontario. With the rapid growth becomes the expectation that the structure of the company grows to match. Every company within the Low Voltage world understands the significance and speed in which things change.

Our most significant item moving into 2023, Harris Industries has become a Contractor with the IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) Local 353, At this Time Harris Industries is the sole Communication Contractor with the IBEW in Peterborough Ontario. I strongly believe that this change is opening a new chapter with Harris Industries growth and commitment to our customers.

What does this mean and why?

By joining the IBEW we have allowed ourselves to overcome multiple issues facing the Communication industry.

Existing Staff

Becoming Part of the IBEW, Local 353 allows our Technicians to advance their career, advance their qualifications and become something stronger than a small business.

The low voltage Industry in Canada has traditionally been unregulated. This is one of the few Specific trades that does not require formal training or certification for technicians within the industry. With the complexity and seriousness of the industry, with the majority of Security Devices being Class 2 Electrical circuits it is imperative to have qualified and competent staff. Although Harris Industries has partnered with Industry manufactures to provide the top tier of specific training, joining the IBEW takes away the guess work by providing a structured apprenticeship for 361A Communication Electricians. On top of this amazing apprenticeship the IBEW assists in ensuring our Yearly training is performed for Working at heights, Lifts Certificate, First Aid, WHIMIS and Workplace and Construction Site Safety. To add to this, our Apprentices and Communication Electricians are now able to attend additional school to advance their careers within the industry.

Our Staff at Harris Industries have always been the backbone of the company. With the move to the IBEW, our staff now have significant employment perks with access to amazing benefits and retirement plans. With the ability to work on high profile projects, attend schooling and earn a living wage, we feel the move to IBEW will only enhance the morale of our staff working with Harris Industries.

Staffing Issues

Every Industry in Canada has been experiencing staffing issues. With the IBEW Harris Industries has access to fully trained and competent Communication Electricians who are able to be called up ready to work on short term projects and long term employment agreements.

Our Existing Clients

We absolutely love our clients. Absolutely nothing changes in way of our clients, you will still experience the same experience you've come to expect with Harris Industries. We hope that with the IBEW, we are able to better serve all of our existing clients.

Larger Clients

With Harris Industries joining the IBEW, we have opened ourselves to the ability to take on and work on larger projects throughout Ontario. This allows us to work on Union Only and Union favored Projects throughout Ontario. We are excited to see what projects our teams are working on in the future.

From the past, to now and into the future Harris Industries goal is to provide Reliable and Effective Low Voltage Solutions to companies throughout Ontario. This allows us to Provide Contractor and Sub Contractor Services throughout Ontario for Communication Electrical Services Including Security Cameras, Alarm Systems, Structured Cabling, And Audio Visual Solutions.

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