Home Management

Your day, your way. Connect, control and customize your whole home with Securtek Powered by

All together now

Managing your home with multiple apps and systems is hard work. gives you a smarter alternative: an intuitive, all-in-one system that's always working to keep you safe and well.

The more you add, the more you can do—yet it's always simple to use and control.

Unlock your door's potential

Give access instantly: Let a visitor in and disarm your security system with a single command.

Stay in the know: Get alerted when your family arrives home, when someone's late or when you forget to lock up.

Lose the keys: Eliminate security risks with digital lock codes, customized with time and date restrictions.

Left the garage open?

One in three burglaries happens through an unsecured entrance. reminds you if you forgot to lock up, close your garage or arm your security system. Tap the alert once to secure your home remotely.

Temperature control in your hands

Easy to operate: Use your all-in-one app or a voice command to adjust the temperature from anywhere.

More convenient: Your thermostat responds when you arm your security system, arrive home or lock the house.

Extra savings: Set your preferences, then let save energy intelligently when you don't need it.

Come home to comfort

Saving energy when you’re away is great. Coming home to a freezing house isn’t. gives you a warmer welcome by re-adjusting to the perfect temperature before you get home.

Serious about saving?

You'll conserve up to 23% of your winter heating energy and up to 16% of summer cooling energy with's ENERGY STAR® certified thermostat. Savings typically average around 8% of heating and cooling bills or $50. For additional savings, it's compatible with demand response programs nationwide.