Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling is an Important Part of Every Small, Medium and Large Sized Business but it is Often Forgotten About or left Behind or Forgotten About. A Properly Installed an Managed Network will allow your business to operate with 100% uptime without having to worry about cabling running throughout your property. 

Some Services Harris Industries Offers: 

  • Data Drops (Looking to Add a New Line for your Computer or new work station? We can Help) 

  • Full Network Installations ( Are you planning a new build or Renovations where you would like to organize all your low voltage cabling. We can help design, Plan and Install this system) 

  • Rack Installations/ Renovation ( Is you network becoming a headache to deal with and work with? A New Rack with Labeled cables may just be enough for you.) 

  • On Call Service Technicians (Did someone just cut a cable and you need it repaired? We have the people, tools and material for that.) 

  • Access Points (Is your WIFI Spotty or non existent in some places? Let us create a Network using Proper Access Points to create 100% Uptime throughout your business.