You Do Alot For Your Business, Now it's time to let your business do some work for you. 

Alarm Systems for Business have come along with- And Now they help you stay informed.

Smart Phone App: You live and breath your business- and sometimes its hard to step away. With the Smart Phone App you can view your business anytime, anywhere. 

Notifications: Your business opens at 7am, but for some reason the Alarm wasn't disarmed on time. You will be a late opening Notification. Or you are open until 7pm but the system is armed away at 5, you will get a push notification saying Early close. 

Access Control: Some Industries have a standard high turn over rate- but Keys are expensive and difficult to keep track of. With the Smart Access Control paired with a key-less Lock you can assign your  employees a lock code. You can set the time of day that code works (Example between 6am-8pm it'll work, but at midnight it won't.) The day the employee leaves, it is as simple as logging in online and removing that access code. What about a cleaner that comes in on Fridays- You can assign them a Code that only works on Fridays and if they leave- Just login and remove it. 

Energy Saving: Controlling Your Energy including Lights and Thermostat. By Removing the need for employees to be responsible for things and automating your business you will see savings. Set a schedule for all lights to turn on and temperature be brought back to comfortable before opening, and then shut off and go into energy saving mode when you close. What about when a front door is wide open? The system will recognize after a set period of time (you choose) and it will turn off the heat or a/c to ensure your not just throwing your profits outside. A study done by with Taco Bell in the united states found that across 10 Locations the energy costs dropped approximately 30%. 

Reports: What does a Smart System actually tell you? Simply by using the Alarm Sensors we can tell you how many times a day the front door opens, what your busiest time of day is, What your busiest day of the week is. You can use this information to ensure staffing is correct, pushing specials during slower periods and really understanding the Most about your business without spending more money on additional software and equipment. 

Insurance Savings and Peace of Mind: Our General Systems come with Door Contacts, Glass Breaks, Motion Sensors, Smoke Detectors and Security Cameras. Our ULC Monitoring center is Accredited allowing you to receive up to 30% off your Property Insurance. But you will know your business is in good hands all times. 

In Summary: a Smart Business Solution by Harris Industries- Powered by we have three goals, Simplify the process, Save you Money and give you a system that works for you. 

Alarm Monitoring: Starting at $14.99/ Month

Interactive Business: Starting at $14.00/ Month

Automation Business: Starting at $19.00/ Month

Video For Business: Starting at $5.00/ Month


Warranty: $5.00/ Month